Ncuti Gatwa on the joys and challenges of being the new ‘Doctor Who’

Ncuti Gatwa on the joys and challenges of being the new ‘Doctor Who’

Ncuti Gatwa is ushering in a new era of British sci-fi show ‘Doctor Who’. His breakthrough performance as the 15th Doctor, the first black actor to openly take on the iconic character, has already received rave reviews.

Gatwa’s journey began with an unforgettable debut in the 60th anniversary special. Joined by returning star David Tennant, the new Doctor wears a shirt and tight white shirt – a fun start for an actor whose spirit matches his character.

He told Variety that he sees his Doctor as embodying compassion and joy — qualities he feels resonate with young fans, especially those struggling with identity. He hopes the show’s global reach on Disney+ will foster acceptance and counter homophobic backlash.

Gatwa isn’t the only new face bringing fresh energy to the Tardis. Actress Millie Gibson joins her as Ruby Sunday, the doctor’s feisty companion. While filming in public caused some initial confusion about her status on the show, Gibson confirmed she will be staying for Season 2.

The future of ‘Doctor Who’ looks bright with Gatwa at the helm. Showrunner Russell T Davies envisions a long run, with both star and showrunner ready to propel the beloved franchise to new heights. Although they face inevitable challenges along the way, Gatwa and the ‘Doctor Who’ team are committed to embracing the show’s core themes of inclusion, adventure and lots of fun.

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