Stylist Law Roach named the “Big Five” designers who initially rejected Zendaya

Stylist Law Roach named the “Big Five” designers who initially rejected Zendaya

Zendaya’s longtime stylist Law Roach won’t let bygones be bygones! On “The Cutting Room Floor” podcast, Roach talked about Zendaya’s early days dressing, revealing that several major fashion houses shut them down when she was first starting out.

Roach calls these brands the “big five” – Chanel, Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci and Valentino. According to her, she was going to try to get clothes for Zendaya from this label but kept getting attention. “Try again next year,” they’ll say, because Zendaya seems “too green” or not important enough. “I still have the receipt,” Roach said, implying he remembers this rejection vividly. He even pointed out that Zendaya didn’t wear a single one of them when she graced the cover of American Vogue in 2017!

Now, Roach explains that Zendaya has rocked some of these designer outfits on shoots, but never for red carpets or public appearances. “There was no red carpet, press event, pitch,” Roach emphasized. “The first time he wore Valentino in public, it was because of a contract.” This cold shoulder seems to have left an impression on Roach, because as he says, “I told them ‘If you say no, it’s not forever,’ and that definitely happened.”

Although Roach previously planned to retire from celebrity styling, he continues to work with Zendaya. Their newest team? Wore it as a co-chair at this year’s Met Gala, where she rocked not one, but two iconic looks!

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