Microsoft gets US $242m verdict in Cortana patent claim

Microsoft gets US $242m verdict in Cortana patent claim

Microsoft ( MSFT.O ) must pay IPA Technologies patent owner $242 million, a federal jury in Delaware said on Friday after determining that Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant software infringed on IPA patents.

A jury agreed with the IPA after a week-long trial that Microsoft’s voice recognition technology infringed on the IPA’s patent rights in computer communications software.

IPA is a subsidiary of the Wi-LAN patent licensing company, which is jointly owned by Canadian technology company Quarterhill ( QTRH.TO ) and two investment firms. It bought patents and others from Siri Inc SRI International, which Apple acquired in 2010 and the technology used in its Siri virtual assistant.

“We remain confident that Microsoft never infringed the IPA patent and will appeal,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

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Representatives of IPA and Wi-LAN did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the decision.

The IPA filed a lawsuit in 2018, accusing Microsoft of infringing patents related to personal digital assistants and voice-based data navigation.

The case was then narrowed down to one IPA patent. Microsoft argued that it did not infringe and that the patent was invalid.

The IPA has also sued Google and Amazon over its patents. Amazon defeated the IPA lawsuit in 2021, and Google’s case is still ongoing.

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