Deborra-Lee Furness reflects on personal growth amid split from ex-husband Hugh Jackman

Deborra-Lee Furness reflects on personal growth amid split from ex-husband Hugh Jackman

Deborra-Lee Furness, 68, recently reflected on her personal growth following her split from Hugh Jackman after 27 years of marriage. Speaking at a screening of “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” in New York, Furness shared insight into her journey, telling People on May 9, “I learned that I’m strong and resilient. And I — we’re all a constant evolution. ” He emphasizes the universal nature of change and adaptation.

Earlier that year, Furness hinted at the challenges of transition in an interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, saying, “Change, transition, evolution is a little scary and we’re all a little afraid of it, but I think it’s probably our best gift.”

The couple’s split was announced last fall with a joint statement to People, in which they expressed gratitude for their nearly three decades together and their decision to pursue individual growth. They reaffirmed their commitment to putting families first, with a particular focus on privacy during the transition.

Despite their split, Furness and Jackman have maintained a good relationship. They got together to celebrate Jackman’s 55th birthday at Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar in New York City, just a month after announcing their split. They have been seen engaging in separate activities in the city, showing a supportive dynamic after the split.

Furness also emphasized the support of her children, Oscar Maximilian, 23, and Ava Eliot, 18, who she shares with Jackman. Speaking to People, she mentioned their enthusiasm for her new film, stating, “They are very supportive of any endeavor. We all support each other in any artistic endeavor that we do.”

In terms of her career, Furness expressed her attraction to female-empowering roles, expressing her interest in portraying strong female characters. She stated, “I love playing women who are great role models for young girls. Women are great leaders or women can do this. So, I love playing women who have something to say.”

Throughout their journey, Furness and Jackman have demonstrated a respectful and supportive approach to their evolving relationship, navigating the complexities of change with grace and understanding.

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