Oprah Winfrey reveals her biggest regret

Oprah Winfrey reveals her biggest regret

Oprah Winfrey acknowledged her past contributions to diet culture, saying “I’ve been a steadfast participant in this diet culture. Through my platform, through magazines, through talk shows for 25 years, through online —I’ve been a major contributor to it,” during a live YouTube Weight Watchers event.

Winfrey specifically mentioned a controversial episode from her talk show in 1988 in which she brought out a wagon filled with animal fat to represent her weight loss from a liquid diet. He said of the episode, “It set a standard for people watching that I or anyone else could stand up to,” adding that it was “one of my biggest regrets.”

Winfrey expressed her desire to move away from weight shaming, saying “Whatever path you take, let’s stop the shame,” and instead promote acceptance of a healthier body and mind. She also announced that she was “done” with promoting fad diets, stating “I can’t tell you how many weight loss and makeover shows I’ve done, and it’s been a staple since I’ve been in television.”

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