The Israeli army says it has killed 10 “terrorists” in an operation in a refugee camp in the West Bank

The Israeli army says it has killed 10 “terrorists” in an operation in a refugee camp in the West Bank

The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday that security forces had killed 10 “terrorists” in an ongoing operation in Nur al-Shams, a refugee camp in Tulkarm, north of the occupied West Bank.

“IDF and Israeli Border Police forces are continuing extensive counter-terrorism activities in the Nur Shams area. “So far, security forces eliminated ten terrorists during the encounter, arrested eight wanted suspects, uncovered explosive devices and paths, and conducted searches in structures,” the IDF said in a statement.
“Security forces located and destroyed a terrorist explosives laboratory, and seized many weapons, including pistols, M16 rifles, and additional military equipment.”
The IDF said eight of its soldiers and a Border Force officer were wounded.

Palestinian reports: Early Saturday, the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, said five people had been killed during an Israeli operation in Nur al-Shams. One of those killed was a child, according to Wafa, while the Palestinian health ministry said the other was 16.

Wafa quoted witnesses as saying Israeli soldiers held “the bodies of the victims and prevented ambulance crews from reaching them.”

Bulldozers destroyed water and wastewater networks and cut off electricity, according to Wafa, while “dozens of youths” were arrested.

The operation appears to be one of the largest in the West Bank since October 7.

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