The Best Sports Streaming Services for 2024

The Best Sports Streaming Services for 2024

What is the best sports streaming service overall?
You can experience the thrill of watching your favorite sports and cheering for your favorite team, all from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of needing a cable or satellite TV subscription, as there are now many live TV streaming services that offer what you want around the world of sports. Among these options, DirecTV Stream stands out as the top choice for RSNs and their channels, but other services are cheaper and may be better for casual fans.

Choosing the best streaming service for sports can be a difficult process — especially when you consider that not every service carries your regional sports network. Case in point: Boston-area hockey fans looking for the Bruins or Major League Baseball fans hoping to catch the Red Sox need NESN to see most of their games. That’s even if they subscribe to a sports-specific league sponsorship package like MLB TV, which doesn’t cover in-market games.

Streaming services typically don’t carry these regional sports networks, or RSNs, but DirecTV Stream and Fubo are exceptions. They are the only service that offers the Bally Sports (formerly Fox Sports) channel from Sinclair. Fubo lets you watch your RSN at the $80 Pro level. Meanwhile, you’ll need to get the $109-a-month DirecTV Stream plan to access its full RSN offering.

Additionally, some sports, such as Formula 1 racing, feature all of their competitions on one national network, such as ESPN. When it comes to the NBA, you have to get up to watch every game. Out-of-market games are available on NBA League Pass and some teams have their own way to stream their games, such as YES Network, MSG Plus or SportsNet Plus. Read CNET’s guide for more information on where to stream basketball.

Depending on the location, die-hard sports fans may end up saving more money by getting a cable subscription, since your RSN comes with ESPN, TBS, TNT and other local channels. This makes a lot of sense if the package comes with home internet that you’re likely to get. If you’re a die-hard cord cutter or know you only need one or a few channels to get your sports fix, here are the best streaming services for you.

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