Busy Philipps revealed she was diagnosed with ADHD when her daughter was born

Busy Philipps revealed she was diagnosed with ADHD when her daughter was born

For years, Busy Philipps said she felt like her brain was “in a spin cycle.” Although his life was good on the outside, he felt “constant chaos inside.”

“I can’t prioritize tasks, I have really great ideas and thoughts and don’t finish them,” Philipps told CNN in an interview this week.

Then at a doctor’s appointment for her now 15-year-old Birdie, Philipps, 44, discovered she had ADHD along with her daughter. He went to get his own evaluation and began treatment for ADHD as an adult.

“I mean, I know that it’s not an unusual experience, especially for women,” she said. “The percentage of newly diagnosed women, especially with ADHD has almost doubled in recent years. We think we have to do it all or we’re told that your job is to do it all and hold it inside to the detriment of your own mental health and well-being.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior.” Individuals diagnosed with ADHD may experience “poor work or school performance, low self-esteem and other problems.”

Philipps says with the right medication, the non-stimulants that work for him, he can feel more organized and no longer double-book or triple-book. It also helped the way he looked at his mental health.

“At least in my own personal experience, it’s like you’re really into something and you feel bad about yourself and you think there’s something wrong with you,” he said. “Every other mother can keep it straight. Every other person arrives at the birthday party on the right day at the right time. What’s wrong with me?”

He continued, “There’s more ease in being able to prioritize, being able to identify what needs attention and what can be put off. It’s a huge relief.”

The diagnosis has also helped Philipps’ career grow. She starred in “Girls5eva,” which has found new life on Netflix after being canceled by Peacock. His new weekly talk show, “Busy This Week,” will debut May 8 on QVC+.

“We’re the queens of second chances, you know?” Philipps said of “Girls5eva.” “And maybe a third, hopefully, and maybe a fourth. We’ve loved doing this show for the past four years now, and we always feel like we’re waiting for the audience to find us.”

He said he was looking for other variations of the talk show since “Busy Tonight” was canceled in 2019.

“We really started trying to figure out how and where and what it would look like to work with someone different or do it in a different way,” Philipps said. “Does it go straight to people’s inboxes? Is it live on the website? And finally the QVC partnership came together so perfectly, they wanted to create original content. And their audience and our audience are very aligned.”

“Busy This Week” premieres May 8 on QVC+.

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