‘Supernatural’ star Jensen Ackles lands guest role on CBS drama ‘Tracker’

‘Supernatural’ star Jensen Ackles lands guest role on CBS drama ‘Tracker’

Jensen Ackles fans are in for a treat as the ‘Supernatural’ star prepares for a guest appearance on the CBS drama ‘Tracker’. Series boss Justin Hartley announced the news in an Instagram video, revealing Ackles as the “perfect casting choice” for the role of Russell Shaw – the estranged brother of Hartley’s character Colter Shaw.

Ackles is set to appear in the May 12 episode, where Russell seeks out Colter’s expert tracking skills to find a missing Army friend. This episode promises drama and perhaps a touch of sibling rivalry as the Shaw brothers reunite.

Ackles, beloved for his iconic portrayal of Dean Winchester in ‘Supernatural’, has been keeping busy since the end of the show. Notably, he starred as Soldier Boy in Amazon’s hit ‘The Boys’ and its spinoff ‘Gen V’, and recently joined the cast of ABC’s ‘Big Sky’. His ‘Tracker’ appearance marked a brief reunion with former CW colleague Justin Hartley.

‘Tracker’, inspired by Jeffery Deaver’s novel ‘The Never Game’, follows ex-military survivalist Colter Shaw (Hartley) as he uses his skills to unravel mysteries for civilians and law enforcement alike. With four episodes left and a second season already secured, Ackles’ guest spot adds another layer of excitement to the show’s future.

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