Sydney Sweeney is set to portray boxing legend Christy Martin in a new biopic

Sydney Sweeney is set to portray boxing legend Christy Martin in a new biopic

Sydney Sweeney is gearing up to bring the extraordinary story of boxing icon Christy Martin to life on the silver screen. The 26-year-old actor will play the legendary fighter in the yet-to-be-titled biopic.


The film, directed by David Mich├┤d and produced by Black Bear Studios with production companies Sweeney Fifty Fifty Films, Anonymous Content, Votiv, and Yoki, will soon be introduced to international buyers at the Cannes Film Market.


The biopic will delve into the amazing true story of Christy Martin, who rose to fame in the 1990s as America’s most successful female boxer.


“Christy’s charisma, good looks and unwavering tenacity in the ring won her a wide following and propelled her to the welterweight title,” read the synopsis.


“Beyond this polished public persona, Christy tackles personal demons, toxic relationships and attempts on her life, proving that a fighter’s hardest wins aren’t always in the ring.”


Sweeney shared her excitement about the role on Instagram, saying she was “excited to tell Christy’s amazing story.” The “Euphoria” star is looking forward to the physically and emotionally challenging aspects of portraying Martin’s journey.


“I’m itching to get back in the ring, train and change my body,” Sweeney told Deadline. “Christy’s story is not a light story. It is physically and emotionally demanding. There are many burdens to carry. But I like to challenge myself.”

Christy Martin was the first female boxer inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016 and joined the International Boxing Hall of Fame four years later. He finished his career with 49 wins (37 knockouts), 7 losses and 3 draws.


His journey was not without personal trials; she survived a brutal attack by her then-husband in 2010 and continues to inspire as a survivor and advocate. The biopic promises to shine a light on Martin’s legacy, showcasing his resilience and triumph over adversity.

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