Is Johnny Depp’s French film ‘pulled’ from cinemas?

Is Johnny Depp’s French film ‘pulled’ from cinemas?

Some critics claimed that Johnny Depp’s latest film struggled to attract audiences, with some of them even suggesting that the film was pulled from theaters due to poor attendance.

TMZ reports that several social media posts claim that Johnny Depp’s movie is doing well in the United States.

The post features a screenshot showing an empty theater, with only a few seats occupied.

However, a source with direct access told TMZ that “Jeanne du Barry” was originally planned for a limited theatrical release in Southern California.

The arrangement involves a partnership with Fathom Events, working with an American distributor to show French films in select theaters across the region.

According to sources, the independent film is entirely in French, indicating that it is not a blockbuster and was never intended to generate high ticket sales.

“Jeanne du Barry” marks one of Johnny Depp’s early returns to the film industry following his legal victory in the defamation case against Amber Heard.

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