Nearly 100 people were arrested at USC, police said

Nearly 100 people were arrested at USC, police said

The Los Angeles Police Department said 93 people were arrested on suspicion of trespassing during Wednesday’s demonstration at the University of Southern California.

“The university is a private campus and the group violated some of their directives. It was trespassing at that point and we assisted in the arrest,” Los Angeles Police Capt. Kelly Muniz said during a briefing.

One person was also arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, Muniz said. He did not provide further details.

No protesters or officers were reported injured, police said.

Some context: The USC Department of Public Safety ordered protesters gathered at campus Alumni Park Wednesday afternoon to disperse or face arrest for trespassing.

At one point during the demonstration, tensions rose when protesters refused to move and removed their tents and other prohibited items, a university official said.

The university closed its campus Wednesday evening as the LAPD began arresting protesters.

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