Michigan man credits $500,000 lottery win to ‘signing’ from his movie star lookalike

Michigan man credits $500,000 lottery win to ‘signing’ from his movie star lookalike

A 26-year-old man from Genessee County, Michigan, is half a million dollars richer thanks to a “sign” he says he took from his movie star doppelganger.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, according to the Michigan Lottery, said he was watching a movie where the main character wins big with a lottery ticket.

“The main character is similar to me, so I took it as a sign to go buy a ticket,” he said.

He bought ticket No. 13 Lucky $5 at E-Z Stop Food Mart in Flint.

“Later that day, I was with some friends and scratched the tickets. When I saw I had won $500,000, I couldn’t believe my eyes!” he said.

“I wanted to make sure what I saw was true before sharing the news with my friends, so I went into the bathroom to look at the ticket again. Once I confirmed what I saw, I called my girlfriend to tell her the good news.”

With his gift, he said he plans to take care of his children and to go on vacation.

“I feel very lucky to win this amount of money!” he said.

Players have won more than $23 million playing Lucky No. 13 since launching in April 2023, according to the Lottery. Prizes range from $5 to $500,000.

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