Anne Hathaway on why rom-com roles dried up before ‘The Idea of You’

Anne Hathaway on why rom-com roles dried up before ‘The Idea of You’

Anne Hathaway, a star once known for her beloved early 2000s romantic films, finds herself receiving fewer and fewer romantic movie scripts as she enters her 30s. This changed with “The Idea of You,” a film that resonated with him on a personal level.

“I haven’t been sent a romantic script in a very long time,” Hathaway said during a press conference. She explains the shift in her focus on family and motherhood in her 30s. Still, he can’t help but question why those types of roles have become so limited.

In “The Idea of You,” Hathaway plays Soléne, a 40-year-old divorcee who unexpectedly falls in love with a 24-year-old musician (Nicholas Galitzine) after a trip to Coachella. Hathaway found the characters and story beautiful and compelling, leading her to question the lack of similar narratives in Hollywood.

The experience of filming the film became very personal for Hathaway, who turned 40 during production. “It became very personal to me… it was like, game over,” he said.

Producer Cathy Schulman revealed her unwavering desire to cast Hathaway, creating the project with the actress specifically in mind. “She was our first choice,” Schulman stated, calling it a “dream come true” when Hathaway agreed. Schulman praised Hathaway’s ability to personalize the character, making it relatable to women everywhere.

The on-screen chemistry between Hathaway and Galitzine is a core element of the film’s appeal. Galitzine describes the relationship as “instant,” while Hathaway emphasizes their playful dynamic that fosters a supportive and fun work environment.

“The Idea of You” offers a refreshing story about a woman over 40 who finds happiness and love. It subtly highlights Hollywood’s tendency to ignore actors past a certain age and emphasizes the importance of diverse stories that reflect the experiences of women at every stage of life.

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