Andrew Huberman: National Post editorial downplays scandal

Andrew Huberman: National Post editorial downplays scandal

Amy Hamm of The National Post has given her two cents about the Andrew Huberman scandal.

New York magazine recently published an expos√© about Andrew Huberman’s dating life that sparked a wave of criticism, with accusations of dangerous behavior and calls for its cancellation.

Huberman tricks six women into believing they each have an exclusive relationship with him.

Amy Hamm believes that framing Huberman’s behavior as a MeToo-level issue is a distortion that undermines the true purpose of the movement.

He thinks Huberman’s behavior, while certainly unattractive, falls into the realm of common relationship mistakes.

Hamm added that the focus on his personal life distracts from the core message of his work and ignores the far more serious allegations that the MeToo movement was created to address.

A National Post editor said that an article in New York Magazine painted a picture of a disgruntled ex-girlfriend who was appalled by Huberman’s non-monogamous lifestyle.

He emphasized that attempts to turn Huberman’s actions into a MeToo moment overlook the important fact that no allegations of assault or coercion have been made against the popular podcaster.

Hamm is of the view that iInfidelity, while painful, is not in the same category as the serious abuse of power targeted by the MeToo movement.

She further writes that conflating the two ultimately harms women by reducing the credibility of legitimate claims.

Hamm believes that cases like Huberman’s only add damage to the MeToo movement whose reputation has been tarnished by several incidents of overreaction.

The author concludes by saying that abusing the movement in this way is a disservice to those who really need its protection.

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