The situation at Virginia Tech has “stabilized,” the university said

The situation at Virginia Tech has “stabilized,” the university said

Virginia Tech said Monday morning that the situation had “stabilized” on the university’s campus after overnight police activity.

But the police remained on campus, he said.

“The incident at the Graduate Life Center has been stabilized,” the university said in a social media post. “Police presence remains. Immediately, avoid the area. No further updates unless things change.”
The Washington Post previously reported that arrests were made on campus as police tried to remove protesters from an encampment, citing an unnamed university spokesman.

About 10:15 p.m. Sunday, Virginia Tech police advised protesters to leave within five minutes or face arrest.

CNN has asked the university for details on the number of students who have been detained and their charges.

Protesters began occupying a courtyard at the university’s Center for Graduate Life on Friday, according to the university. By Sunday, the situation on campus had “evolved” and potentially “became unsafe,” he said.

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