Fallout 4 fans are disappointed with the new update

Fallout 4 fans are disappointed with the new update

Despite its recent revival, Fallout 4 continues to struggle with challenges, as Bethesda’s latest update exacerbates existing issues, sparking frustration from seasoned veterans and new recruits alike.

The game has become popular again, seeing a huge jump in the number of players, thanks to a new TV series on Prime Video. But the recent update didn’t fix the game issue. Instead, they have made things worse.

Across various social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), die-hard Fallout 4 fans have taken Bethesda to task for what they consider a lackluster effort at overhauling the game.

Players are complaining on social media that the update has broken their favorite game for them some of their favorite mods, which are custom additions to the game.

The recent influx of “next-gen” patches has only added to player dissatisfaction, failed to fix lingering glitches and, in some cases, worsened the overall gaming experience, ScreenRant reports.

As a result, a growing group of players are calling on Bethesda to stop any further updates.

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