OpenAI introduces the latest AI model, GPT-4o

OpenAI introduces the latest AI model, GPT-4o

ChatGPT will be more useful.

OpenAI on Monday announced its latest artificial intelligence big language model that it says will make ChatGPT smarter and easier to use.

The new model, called the GPT-4o, is an update of the company’s previous GPT-4 model, which was launched over a year ago. This model will be available to non-paying customers, meaning anyone will have access to OpenAI’s most advanced technology through ChatGPT.

Based on the company’s Monday demonstration, GPT-4o will make ChatGPT a digital personal assistant that can effectively engage in real-time verbal conversations. It will also be able to interact using text and “vision”, meaning it can see screenshots, photos, documents or charts uploaded by users and have conversations about them.

OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said the updated version of ChatGPT will now also have memory capabilities, meaning it can learn from previous conversations with users, and can perform real-time translations.

“This is the first time we’ve really made a big step forward in terms of ease of use,” Murati said during a live demo from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. “These interactions become more natural and far, far easier.”

The new release comes as OpenAI seeks to stay ahead of the growing competition in the AI arms race. Competitors including Google and Meta have worked to build increasingly powerful big language models that power chatbots and can be used to bring AI technology to a variety of other products.

The OpenAI event was held a day before Google’s annual I/O developer conference, where it is expected to announce updates to its Gemini AI model. Like the new GPT-4o, Google’s Gemini is also multimodal, meaning it can interpret and generate text, images and audio. The OpenAI update also comes ahead of an expected AI announcement from Apple at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which may include new ways to incorporate AI into the next iPhone or iOS release.

Meanwhile, the latest GPT release could be a boon to Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars into OpenAI to embed its AI technology into Microsoft’s own products.

OpenAI executives demonstrated verbal conversations with ChatGPT to get real-time instructions to solve math problems, to tell bedtime stories and to get coding advice. ChatGPT can speak in natural, human, and robotic voices — and even sing part of a response. This tool can also view chart images and discuss them.

They also show a model of detecting user emotions; in one instance, it listens to the executive’s breathing and encourages him to calm down.

“You’re not a vacuum cleaner!” ChatGPT’s female voice (which sounds very similar to Scarlett Johansson’s voiced digital friend from the 2013 film “Her”) jokingly tells the staff.

ChatGPT can also hold conversations in multiple languages by automatically translating and replying. The tool currently supports more than 50 languages, according to OpenAI.

“The new voice (and video) mode is the best computer interface I’ve ever used,” said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a blog post following the announcement. “It feels like an AI from a movie; and it’s still kind of surprising to me that it’s real. Achieving human-level response time and expressiveness turned out to be a big change.”

Murati said OpenAI will launch a ChatGPT desktop application with GPT-4o capabilities, giving users another platform to interact with the company’s technology. GPT-4o will also be available to developers who want to build their own custom chatbots from OpenAI’s GPT store, a feature that will now also be available to non-paying users.

Updated technology and features are set to roll out to ChatGPT in the coming months. Free ChatGPT users will have a limited number of interactions with the new GPT-4o model before the tool automatically reverts to relying on the old GPT-3.5 model; paid users will have access to more messages with the latest model.

OpenAI says over 100 million people already use ChatGPT. But ChatGPT’s updated experience — and the ability to interact with it on desktop and through enhanced voice conversations — could give more people a reason to use its technology. The move comes at a time when the integration of AI into Google and Meta’s more widely used consumer products, such as Instagram and Google Assistant, may making the company’s technology more widespread and accessible.

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