William Shatner defends the use of AI in the album cover

William Shatner defends the use of AI in the album cover

William Shatner, the legendary actor who first played Captain Kirk on screen, sparked another controversy of quantum proportions.

Some social media users slammed the 93-year-old for using AI-generated art for the cover of his latest music album, “Where Will the Animals Sleep” [sic].

The debate is a reflection of the ongoing rift in the entertainment world over the use of AI-created works.

Shatner unveiled the album cover on Sunday, featuring a digital rendering of himself amidst a diverse group of children and forest animals.

The revelation sparked a backlash with some critics pointing to Hollywood’s recent attacks by actors and writers on AI, saying artists deserve respect and control over their craft.

Others highlight the ongoing issue of copyright infringement around AI art generation.

Shatner denied it, demanding that critics prove any specific copyright infringements and arguing that artists always find inspiration in the work of others.

He advocated for accepting technological advances, and ultimately stood by his artistic decisions.

Shatner joins a growing list of high-profile performers, from Ye to Madonna, who are incorporating visual AI into their projects.
Like them, he endured harsh criticism. However, unlike those who have deflected or issued ambiguous statements, Shatner boldly engaged his critics and stood firm with his embrace of this new technology.

It seems that even at the age of 93, Shatner still channels Kirk’s undying spirit and futuristic outlook – traits that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would probably appreciate.

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