Nabeel Zafar thinks there is no point if you have to keep justifying to get an award

Nabeel Zafar thinks there is no point if you have to keep justifying to get an award

Nabeel Zafar, a stalwart in the Pakistani entertainment industry has offered insight into the dynamics of awards culture in a recent appearance on the Adnan Faisal Podcast. With a career spanning decades, the Bulbulay star’s candid and restrained commentary sheds light on the complexities and nuances of an industry where recognition often comes hand in hand with scrutiny.

Zafar offers a very honest view on the current state of awards in the entertainment industry. Commenting on the lobbying veer, when asked about the award, the star insisted that winners do not need to justify their praise – an act that defeats the purpose of receiving an award.

“Can I tell you?” he started. “The problem is when you get an award and have to keep justifying it…saying this is why you’ve received it…then…” He trailed off with a laugh, his expression describing exactly how he felt. . The actor also added, “I think such awards should be in Pakistan. What is an award? Appreciation, right? You are doing appreciation wrong when you are not awarding genuine people. You are creating injustice in the society.”

Based on personal experience, Zafar revealed his work as a jury member for an undisclosed award show, where his probing questions and critical analysis led to his exclusion from future panels. His anecdotes serve as poignant reminders of the politics that often permeate awards ceremonies, where bias and personal agendas can overshadow merit and talent. He revealed: “Once, I was called as a judge for some awards. Nobody knows who’s judging, they call you months in advance. I took a stand for genuine things…I wasn’t called back the following year.”

Zafar’s statement comes at a time when the debate about the credibility and transparency of awards in the entertainment industry is intensifying. His willingness to speak truth to power and challenge the status quo reflects a growing sentiment among artists and industry insiders yearning for a fairer and more equitable recognition system.

The artist was also questioned about Adnan Siddiqui’s comment about comparing women to flies. Laughing, Zafar said, “I think he’s a comedy.” As Zafar continues to captivate audiences, his commentary on awards culture serves as a timely reminder of the need for integrity and fairness in the entertainment industry.

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