Royal Patronage update: King Charles and the Royal Family take over Queen Elizabeth’s Charities

Royal Patronage update: King Charles and the Royal Family take over Queen Elizabeth’s Charities

Buckingham Palace revealed important developments regarding the charities that will be under Queen Elizabeth’s patronage until her death in September 2022. As of May 3, the palace confirmed that a comprehensive review of more than 1,000 royal patronages has been completed in line with King Charles’ accession to the throne.

A statement from the palace emphasized, “To commemorate the first anniversary of His Majesty’s Coronation on May 6, the results of this review will be communicated to relevant entities shortly.” At the time of her death, Queen Elizabeth supported 492 groups, and now, 376 of them will continue to receive royal patronage, either from King Charles, Queen Camilla, or other members of the royal family.

Before his ascension, King Charles was connected to 441 organizations, and 367 of them will remain under his or the royal family’s patronage. Queen Camilla will retain links with 91 of her 100 allied groups from her time as Duchess of Cornwall. In addition, she will now oversee several new groups, rise from vice-patron to patron of the Royal Academy of Dance and hold the presidency of the Sandringham branch of the Women’s Institute.

The patronage role, traditionally held by the monarchy, serves as an official endorsement of the organization’s achievements and helps raise public awareness and support, while the presidential role often involves more direct involvement. The royal family does not participate in the governance or day-to-day operations of this organization.

In addition, King Charles has adopted new roles, including the patronage of the Royal British Legion and two Commonwealth-related organizations—the Royal Commonwealth Association and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. This addition aims to emphasize the King’s focus on conservation, culture and community support.

The ongoing patronage review, which began after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent ascension of King Charles, also marks a poignant moment for the royal family as King Charles resumes public duties amid his cancer treatment. During a recent engagement, she spoke to patients and shared her personal journey, highlighted by the announcement of her new patronage of Cancer Research U.K., a role previously held by her mother.

The next phase of the review will assess patronage across the 14 Commonwealth Realms where King Charles also reigns as head of state. While the full details of the updated support are not yet public, this significant restructuring demonstrates the royal family’s continued commitment to their charitable work and public service.

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