Israeli forces killed two Hezbollah operatives in southern Lebanon

Israeli forces killed two Hezbollah operatives in southern Lebanon

Israel’s military said it killed two members of the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group in southern Lebanon.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked and killed Hussein Ali Azkul, who it described as “an important terrorist operative” in Hezbollah’s Air Defense Unit, in southern Lebanon. Azkul “was involved in the planning and execution of terrorist attacks against Israel,” the IDF said in a statement Tuesday.

Hezbollah also acknowledged Azkul’s death in a statement on Tuesday as well, without mentioning the cause or date of death.

The IDF claimed to have killed another “key terrorist” in Hezbollah’s Air Unit — Sajed Sarafand — in the Arzoun area, in southern Lebanon. Sirens were activated Tuesday morning in the western Galilee region, near the Lebanese border, because of a suspected drone infiltration.

Regional tensions: The Israeli army and Hezbollah have been engaged in cross-border firefights and tit-for-tat exchanges since October 7, when Hamas launched an attack on Israel. Hezbollah’s political stance has clearly supported Palestinian militants. It has roundly condemned Israel’s relentless airstrikes on Gaza.

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