Here are some of the latest from major US universities as protests continue

Here are some of the latest from major US universities as protests continue

Pro-Palestinian protests are taking place at major universities across the US. Several schools have asked the authorities to remove the protesters and more arrests were made on Saturday.

The protesters’ main demand is to divest the university of Israeli-linked companies they say are profiting from the war in Gaza.

Here’s what you should know:

More catches and warnings:

Police arrested about 100 people as officers cleared “unauthorized encampments” on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston on Saturday morning, according to a university spokeswoman. Student organizers disputed some of the school’s claims about the camp.
Officers arrested at least 23 people Saturday after a protest camp formed at Indiana University Bloomington, according to the school’s police department. Video from the scene shows officers in riot gear trying to separate protesters with their hands tied.
At Arizona State University, police arrested 69 people for trespassing after an “unauthorized encampment” was set up, according to a release from the university.
The University of Illinois is warning of consequences, including arrest and temporary suspension, for those who participate in demonstrations on campus that began Friday morning.
Other schools seem calm today:

Emory University’s campus in Atlanta was quieter on Saturday, following the arrest of protesters and at least two Emory professors on Thursday in clashes with police. The arrest is now the subject of a faculty movement that is pressuring the school’s president to resign.
Things were also “relatively calm” on the Columbia University campus on Saturday, especially compared to tense protests off campus earlier this week, according to CNN’s Polo Sandoval. Negotiations are still continuing between protest leaders and university administration, but organizers do not expect an update until Monday.

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