NewJeans parents call out HYBE and Bang Si Hyuk for plagiarizing BELIFT LAB

NewJeans parents call out HYBE and Bang Si Hyuk for plagiarizing BELIFT LAB

A bombshell revelation revealing the alleged mistreatment of NewJeans members by HYBE and its Chairman Bang Si Hyuk has been released.

On May 13, Ilgan Sports shared an email from the parents of NewJeans. The email was originally sent to Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE, and was forwarded to BELIFT LAB.

In the email, the member’s parents expressed criticism of HYBE and BELIFT LAB for allegedly deliberately plagiarizing NewJeans.

“We find it unfortunate that the recent girl group that debuted under the HYBE label has caused controversy for plagiarizing NewJeans. We feel that the similarity was deliberately made by HYBE and BELIFT LAB,” wrote NewJeans parents.

The member’s parents also questioned HYBE’s marketing strategy and asked Min Hee Jin if she had allowed ILLIT to use NewJeans’ choreography.

“I think it’s a bigger issue that they’re marketing a new group (ILLIT) by comparing it to NewJeans. Did ADOR give permission for the group to copy their choreography? This act will affect the value and reputation of NewJeans,” they continued in the statement.

Parents of NewJeans members also expressed concern about the impact on the girl’s mental health, stating, “Members are experiencing significant mental stress due to public criticism and rebuttal of the similarities between the two groups, as well as various controversies and unnecessary comparisons, which could affect NewJeans’ achievements to date.”

Speaking to Bang Si Hyuk, his parents also pointed out how he ignored the girls when he met them at the company premises, causing them to question whether he knew them.

Netizens pointed out that BELIFT hired the same staff who had worked with NewJeans for their debut, as well as the similarities between the YouTube descriptions of the two groups.

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