Cindy Crawford opens up about “survivor’s guilt” after brother’s death

Cindy Crawford opens up about “survivor’s guilt” after brother’s death

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, 58, has revealed her struggle with “survivor’s guilt” following her brother’s tragic death from leukemia at age 3, in a recent episode of the “Kelly Corrigan Wonders” podcast.

Speaking openly about her childhood memories, Cindy discusses her father’s desire for a son before the arrival of her late brother Jeffrey, expressing feelings of guilt among her siblings.

“There was survivor’s guilt from the other kids and especially because we knew that my dad really wanted a boy,” shares Cindy.

Reflecting on the nightmares shared over the years among her siblings, Cindy describes the emotional feeling of having to be one of those who died.

She also highlights the latest insights gained through therapy, acknowledging the need for validation and support during difficult times.

“Through COVID, I actually had time to do real work, and I realized… I needed to hear, ‘Yes, we’re very sad that Jeff has passed away, but we’re so glad you’re here,'” Cindy shared.

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