Coachella 2024: Kid Cudi ends show to go to hospital

Coachella 2024: Kid Cudi ends show to go to hospital

Rapper Kid Cudi suffered an injury and had to leave the stage during his Coachella performance on Sunday. The 40-year-old entertainer had jumped off the stage to interact with fans, but this action left him injured.

Cudi, whose real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, was an unexpected addition to the festival’s second weekend lineup, wowing a packed audience in the Sahara tent. However, towards the end of his 40-minute set, while performing his hit song “Memories,” he tried to jump off the stage and hurt his leg in the process.

After falling awkwardly, Cudi grimaced in pain and had to be helped by two individuals because he could not put any weight on his leg. Later, he updated concerned fans on social media, revealing that he had broken his leg and was leaving the hospital.

“Hey guys, so I broke my leg today at the show. Just leave the hospital,” he sent to X. “Never broken a bone before so this is all pretty crazy.”

Desert Sun reports that despite Kid Cudi’s injury, there is still a song and a half left in his performance slot. The crowd enjoyed a recording of his hit song “Pursuit of Happiness” to end the set, oblivious to Cudi’s injury and absence from the stage.

Kid Cudi is set to embark on a tour in June for his new album “Insano.” During her Coachella set, she also performed two songs from the new album, including her live debut “Blue Sky” followed by “Powerboy.”

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