X gives free blue ticks to its most popular users

X gives free blue ticks to its most popular users

X, formerly Twitter, blue ticks its users who are most “influential” in significant policy changes.

Those with more than 2,500 verified followers – people who have already paid for X Premium – have been given premium features for free.

As well as the blue sign, users will see fewer ads on X.

The social media platform also announced that it is cleaning bots so that people can see the number of followers decrease.

Blue marks were originally a way to verify users are who they claim to be, but they became a paid feature after Elon Musk bought the site.

However, according to messages received by people who have been granted the feature, it is now granted free of charge if one is an “influential member of the community”.

Premium users also see their tweets rank higher when replying to others, and this allows them to apply for revenue sharing from ads on the site.

Meanwhile, people with more than 5,000 verified followers are given free access to Premium+, which removes almost all ads and ranks their tweets higher when replying to others.

It comes after Mr Musk announced the feature in late March.

Before X was bought by Mr. Musk, the blue mark was a verification badge given for free by the platform.

It was originally used as an authentication tool, designed to help stop fake accounts and the spread of misinformation.

The blue mark was once seen as a sign of a person’s authority on a website, as only a few people could be verified, such as celebrities, government workers and journalists.

Mr Musk dislikes the system, which he criticizes as creating a divide between “masters and peasants”.

Under the billionaire, the blue sign instead became a symbol indicating that the account had subscribed to X Premium – previously called Twitter Blue – with a verification process attached to the payment.

But now it has become a combination of the two – with someone only seen as standing out if they are followed by enough people with their own ticks.

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