University of Mississippi opens student investigation following viral confrontation

University of Mississippi opens student investigation following viral confrontation

The University of Mississippi has opened an investigation into student conduct after “hostile and racist overtones” were described during demonstrations on campus.

On Thursday, about 30 pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated on campus in a cordoned off zone when they were surrounded by about 200 counter-protesters, some holding American flags, some Trump flags and some dressed in red, white and blue.

While there are multiple videos circulating online showing the protests at different times, one video in particular shows a group of mostly young white men in counter-protests yelling at a black woman, at least one counter-protester is seen on the video made what appeared to be monkey gestures at the woman — though CNN has not confirmed that happened — as he filmed the group on his phone.

Jaylin R. Smith, 24, confirmed to CNN that she is the woman seen in the video.

“The one thing that won’t break me is people making fun of me or making monkey noises at me,” the journalism and new media graduate student told CNN on Friday.

Video seen by CNN shows a large group of protesters yelling at Smith as he walks toward them holding his phone. Law enforcement apparently told him to “return” to where other pro-Palestinian protesters had gathered. Smith is heard in the video saying, “I’m not very peaceful” repeatedly as police lead him away from counter-protesters.

CNN was unable to identify any of the counter-protesters seen in the video.

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