UCLA will resume regular operations today

UCLA will resume regular operations today

The University of California, Los Angeles, will resume operations on Monday and “plans to remain this way for the rest of the week,” campus officials said.

“Faculty are encouraged to resume teaching in person as soon as possible, but may continue courses remotely at their discretion until next Friday, May 10, without requiring departmental approval. Students will hear directly from the instructor.”
Exams for law schools will continue as scheduled, and university extension programs will also resume in person.

UCLA canceled classes last week following a night marred by violence, in which pro-Palestinian protesters were attacked by masked men for hours without police intervention.

Officials said students, faculty and staff are advised to avoid the area of Royce Quad, between Royce Hall and Powell Library, while surrounding repairs continue.

“Law enforcement presence continues to be stationed around campus to help promote safety,” the post read.

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