The University of Virginia said 25 were arrested for trespassing after clearing a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus

The University of Virginia said 25 were arrested for trespassing after clearing a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus

At least 25 people were arrested for trespassing Saturday, the University of Virginia said, after police were called to disperse a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus.

In a statement, UVA said those arrested were taken to the Albemarle County Regional Jail. The university said it was still waiting for confirmation on how many of the 25 arrested were related to UVA.

The statement said the University of Virginia “responded today to a demonstration near the University Chapel following several University police violations by protesters and subsequent violent behavior.”

CNN has reached out to UVA Camp for Gaza multiple times for comment.

When asked for examples of violent behavior from protesters, a university spokesperson referred CNN to its statement, which showed that during Saturday’s police action, “authorities were again met with agitation, chanting and violent gestures such as swinging objects.”

The campus was declared “stable” around 4 p.m., UVA said, after police were seen clearing protesters from the area.

Earlier this week, a group called UVA Encampment for Gaza posted a statement on Instagram calling for the university to disengage from Israel.

In its statement, the university said the protests earlier this week were peaceful, without disruption to university activities. A request to remove the tent near UVA’s chapel on Tuesday was honored and previous demonstrations complied with university policy, the statement said.

The statement said on Friday, UVA officials offered to continue discussions about the university’s investment, adding, “The university agreed to the group’s last request to allow students, faculty and staff to express their support for Palestine without risking administrative discipline, provided such expressive activity occurs within the limits of law and UVA policy.”

UVA said on Friday evening, “people occupied the demonstration area as a precaution and began erecting several tents and canopies which are prohibited by University policy.”

Saturday morning, the university said its police chief told the group they would be given 15 minutes to voluntarily remove the tents. After several further warnings throughout the day, UVA said, “Due to the growing resistance and refusal of protesters to comply with the declaration to immediately leave the designated area, additional resources from the Virginia State Police have been requested to help enforce the unlawful declaration. gathering around 2:45 pm.”

Virginia State Police referred CNN to the University and its police as the primary agency on campus. State Police were there in an “assistive capacity” Saturday, a spokeswoman said.

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