The IDF said nearly 20 rockets were fired from Rafah Tuesday

The IDF said nearly 20 rockets were fired from Rafah Tuesday

Rockets were fired from the Rafah area of Gaza on Tuesday towards Kerem Shalom and Re’im in southern Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Six bullets were fired at Kerem Shalom, the IDF said.

“The bullets that were fired towards the Kerem Shalom crossing area prevented the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. The IDF will continue to operate to enable the necessary security conditions to reopen the Kerem Shalom crossing,” the IDF said.
The Kerem Shalom crossing, one of the main channels for humanitarian aid to Gaza, was closed Sunday after a nearby rocket attack killed four Israeli soldiers. It is expected to reopen on Wednesday, according to the US State Department.

The IDF said about 12 shells were also identified crossing from Rafah to Re’im early Tuesday. The IDF managed to intercept five of the shells and the rest fell in an open area, he said. No injuries were reported.

“In less than an hour, an IAF plane hit a launcher that was firing at Israel,” the IDF said.

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