Protesters at Emory University briefly clashed with police

Protesters at Emory University briefly clashed with police

Protesters clashed briefly with police at Emory University in Georgia on Thursday, the university told CNN.

A confrontation between protesters and police outside the school’s Candler School of Theology prompted an “increased law enforcement presence” on campus, according to the university.

“A group of about 100 people left the Quad and marched to the Candler School of Theology, where several protesters pinned police officers against the building’s doors and attempted to gain access to the building,” the university said.
“The crowd eventually returned to the Quad before dispersing.”

Video from CNN affiliate WSB shows several protesters using large posters to push into a line of police officers whose backs are against the building’s doors. As the officers pushed away the posters, a protester threw their sign at the line of officers.

Hours earlier, 28 people were arrested, including 20 members of the Emory community, according to Vice President of Public Safety Cheryl Elliott.

A CNN crew saw at least two professors arrested by Atlanta police.

Elliott said that several dispersal orders were issued to the campers telling them to leave because they were trespassing.

The Georgia State Patrol said they deployed a taser on an individual who was actively resisting arrest when protesters threw bottles at officers and refused to disperse. Elliott said the person was not a member of the Emory community.

“During the encampment protest response, Troopers deployed pepper spray to control the unruly crowd but did not use tear gas,” the Georgia State Patrol said.
Organizers of the demonstration said protesters will “continue to call for Emory University to divest completely of all programs that enable Israeli apartheid.”

They also called for “an end to police brutality and the immediate release of all arrested activists.”

“Despite the violence sanctioned by Emory President Greg Fenves and Dean of Campus Life Enku Gelaye, protesters continued their actions on campus and called on the broader Atlanta community to join them,” organizers said.

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