Police cleared protesters and tore down tents at the University of Virginia

Police cleared protesters and tore down tents at the University of Virginia

Police cleared pro-Palestinian protesters and took down tents near the center of the University of Virginia campus.

A line of officers in riot gear approached the group of protesters Saturday afternoon, grabbed umbrellas and tossed them aside before pushing forward into a line of tents and canopies, video from CNN affiliate WVIR showed. Officers were seen dismantling the structure and appeared to be detaining some protesters.

Around 4 pm. ET, the university said on its website that the situation is “stable” and that “police remain on the scene.”

UVA’s Department of Safety and Security previously announced on X that the protest was declared an “unlawful assembly,” and urged students to avoid areas near the Rotunda and the Chapel in the center of campus.

CNN has reached out to the university and local law enforcement for further comment.

Some context: Over the past few days, pro-Palestinian protesters have gathered to demonstrate on the Charlottesville campus in a “picnic-like setting,” without a large number of tents or other temporary structures being set up, CNN’s Polo Sandoval reports. The school previously stated that the tent would violate campus policy and requested a response from officials.

In the past 24 hours, there have been more signs that protesters may set up camps similar to those seen at other universities, according to Sandoval.

Earlier this week, a group called UVA Encampment for Gaza posted a statement on Instagram calling for the university to disengage from Israel.

“The UVA administration has fought for our campus. But what did they do when white supremacists attacked Charlottesville in 2017? nothing. Call and email now. Flood the line and tell them to stop,” the statement said.

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