People in northern Gaza say Israel’s 2-day operation led to arrests and destruction

People in northern Gaza say Israel’s 2-day operation led to arrests and destruction

People living in the Beit Hanoun area in northern Gaza said Israeli military vehicles began an operation there on Monday afternoon, opening fire and artillery fire.

Residents told CNN that Israeli forces surrounded three schools, including one – Mahdiyya Al-Shawwa – early Tuesday morning where hundreds of people had taken refuge. Using loudspeakers, they ordered people to leave the school and detained dozens of men, including several elderly people and teenagers over 15 years old.

CNN has asked the Israel Defense Forces for comment on the purpose and outcome of the operation, which local residents said ended late on Tuesday.

One man, Abu Malek Shibat, said he and his family had returned to Beit Hanoun after being moved to another area of Gaza. Shibat insists he will stay in Beit Hanoun even if it means pitching a tent on top of the ruins of his home.

One woman, Amani Naseer, told CNN that she and her children took shelter in a school in Beit Hanoun, but the Israeli army “has destroyed the whole area,” adding, “What can we do? Where should we go?” His house was destroyed, he said, but he recovered some belongings and clothes from under the rubble.

“There is no Beit Hanoun; Beit Hanoun is no longer standing,” he said.
An elderly woman sheltering in one of the schools spoke to CNN as she fled the area. He said Israeli soldiers came in the middle of the night and arrested several men and women.

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