Nintendo says the Switch’s successor will be announced by March 2025

Nintendo says the Switch’s successor will be announced by March 2025

Nintendo says it plans to announce a follow-up to its popular Switch console by March 2025.

“We will be making an announcement about the successor to the Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year,” Shuntaro Furukawa, the company’s president, wrote on X on Tuesday. “It will be over nine years since we announced the existence of the Nintendo Switch in March 2015.”

The announcement will come as welcome news to fans who have been salivating for years over the prospect of a potential Switch successor, which Nintendo’s boss has remained tight-lipped about.

Sales have been flagged recently. The company expects to sell 13.5 million Switch units in the current financial year, according to Reuters, compared to sales of 15.7 million units last year.

Nintendo has a long and storied track record of reinventing the wheel for both consoles and games, and the Switch has been one of its most successful products to date. When it first launched in 2017, it took the world by storm mainly for its portability.

At a time when major competitors such as Playstation and Xbox were developing stationary consoles with increasingly impressive graphics and processing power, Nintendo chose a different path.

The handheld switch can be used as a console for television at home, and also thrown into a bag and played on the go.

Although its graphics performance is significantly lower than rivals Sony ( SONY ) and Microsoft ( MSFT ), users don’t mind thanks to the many entertaining and often family-friendly games in Nintendo’s stable.

Over the past seven years, little has changed in terms of Switch development with three different models now available to prospective owners.

There’s the OLED Nintendo Switch and its rich, immersive screen; The standard Nintendo Switch with a tried and true hybrid design; and the cheaper, smaller Nintendo Switch Lite for those who play on the go.

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