Morning in Gaza. Here’s what you need to know

Morning in Gaza. Here’s what you need to know

At least 27 people, including six women and nine children, have been killed in Rafah since Monday evening, CNN confirmed through hospital sources in the southern Gaza city, as Israeli military operations there continue.

Ceasefire and hostage talks will resume in Cairo on Wednesday with Hamas negotiators arriving in the Egyptian capital. Israel said it would also send a delegation to assess Hamas’ position.

Israeli forces seized control on the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing, an Israeli military official said on Tuesday. International pressure is mounting on Israel following the seizure and after it refused to rule out a full-scale invasion in Rafah.

And on Tuesday, rockets were fired from the Rafah area of Gaza towards Kerem Shalom and Re’im, southern Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Here are other headlines you should know:

The Rafah attack and the hospital crisis:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s military operation in Rafah met the twin goals of returning hostages held in Gaza and eliminating Hamas. Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s war cabinet, said Israeli military operations in Rafah would “continue and expand as needed.”
The last remaining operational hospital in Rafah has issued a call for all available medical teams to assist with the continued influx of injured patients arriving at the medical facility.
The remaining field hospitals in Rafah’s eastern hospital area that were evacuated Monday will only be able to provide less than a third of the services offered, according to the hospital’s medical director.
Ceasefire negotiations:

Hamas’s latest written response to the ongoing ceasefire talks said the group intends to offer Israel the bodies of dead hostages in addition to living hostages, during the first phase of any ceasefire, according to sources familiar with the talks. A senior Hamas representative said the proposed deal he agreed to included “withdrawal of the occupation from the Gaza Strip.”
CIA Director Bill Burns is expected to travel to Israel Wednesday for a meeting with his counterpart, Mossad Director David Barnea, and Netanyahu, according to sources. Burns returned to Cairo on Tuesday for more talks as the US and other mediators looked to revive efforts to establish a ceasefire agreement for the hostages.
Aid to Gaza:

The US completed offshore construction of a temporary humanitarian dock system, also known as JLOTS, aimed at getting aid to Gaza, according to the Department of Defense.
US national security spokesman John Kirby insisted it was “extremely critical” that Israel allow humanitarian aid into Gaza after Israeli forces seized control of crossings in Kerem Shalom and Rafah, blocking two key points for aid to the strip. According to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, Israel “has committed to reopening” the Kerem Shalom crossing on Wednesday.
Biden on antisemitism:

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday opened a speech on antisemitism at the US Capitol honoring Holocaust victims and warning that memories of the genocide may be slipping from public perception.
Biden drew connections between the Holocaust and the October 7 attacks on Israel and pointed to a “violent surge” in antisemitism in the US since the October 7 attacks, while offering a sweeping call for a return to national values.
Campus protest:

Students in the Spanish capital set up a pro-Palestinian camp at Madrid’s Complutense University on Tuesday. Like many of their counterparts around the world, several dozen students asked the university to divest itself of Israeli-related businesses and entities, as well as asking the Spanish government to cut diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel, according to CNN en Espa├▒ol’s team on the ground.

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