Johnson sought to unify the Republican Party with a crackdown on campus protests

Johnson sought to unify the Republican Party with a crackdown on campus protests

Speaker Mike Johnson focused on the wave of pro-Palestinian protests that have rocked college campuses across the United States as he sought to unite the fractured House Republican conference, which has been divided for months – all while exposing divisions within the House Democratic caucus.

Johnson, who is set to face a vote on his new speakership as soon as next week, has used the weight of the speaker’s office to launch a multifaceted inquiry into the battle at American universities.

That includes tapping committee seats to increase oversight of federal funding for schools; hatch plans to transport college presidents for hearings; explore additional legislation to address antisemitism; and sending key Republicans to visit campus camps and demonstrations.

With multiple committees involved in the effort, Johnson is coordinating behind-the-scenes work and making the House-wide investigation the new focal point of the GOP agenda, which has largely stalled over the past few months.

That effort could not only boost much-needed support for Johnson in his fractured conference — which has struggled to pass procedural votes and messaging bills — but could also appeal to key constituencies, including moderate, independent and suburban parents, ahead of the November election.

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