Hundreds of arrests were announced as protests continued on campuses across the US. Here’s the latest

Hundreds of arrests were announced as protests continued on campuses across the US. Here’s the latest

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested in the past 24 hours as protests against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza continue on university campuses across the country.

The majority of the demonstrators have called for the divestment of companies that support Israel and the war in Gaza.

At the University of California, Los Angeles, where there is a large law enforcement presence, police have declared a pro-Palestinian protest on campus an unlawful assembly, sources told CNN. That is a step usually taken before individuals are ordered to disperse or face arrest.

Meanwhile, at the University of Arizona, law enforcement used pepper balls and rubber bullets against protesters on Wednesday, the university said in a statement.

In New York, after about 300 protesters were arrested overnight Tuesday at Columbia University and City College, there are still unanswered questions about how many of those occupying Hamilton Hall were students and how many were not. Discussions are ongoing about what will happen with graduation, the continued presence of the NYPD on campus and the university’s next steps.

Here are the latest developments:

City College of New York: The university is surveying damage from several buildings and grounds after protesters broke glass doors, scratched walls and ransacked public property Tuesday night, the university said in a statement Wednesday.

Columbia University: President Minouche Shafik addressed the campus community in a letter released Wednesday, stating that the “drastic increase” in protests “push the University to the brink.” The school is holding final exams but will be completely remote for any exams on the main campus, according to a letter sent to students.

Dartmouth College: Multiple people were arrested during a pro-Palestinian protest at Dartmouth College on Wednesday night, according to CNN affiliate WMUR.

Fordham University: At least 15 people were arrested after dozens of protesters set up camp inside the university’s Lowenstein building, according to a statement from the school. The school asked the NYPD to be on campus through at least May 22.

University at Buffalo: About 16 people were arrested Wednesday night after a pro-Palestinian protest on the university’s North Campus, the school said in a statement.

University of California, Los Angeles: Police warned those at the camp they may be “violating the law and subject to administrative action.” The Los Angeles Police Department has also issued a citywide “tactical alert” in connection with the pro-Palestinian encampment at UCLA, law enforcement sources told CNN.

University of New Hampshire: State police have been deployed to the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College due to “illegal activity and at the request of local law enforcement,” the New Hampshire Department of Safety told CNN. The university said it would protect free speech on campus but “will not allow it to be co-opted by a small group of protesters, including outside agitators.”

University of Texas at Austin: An Austin Fox 7 television photojournalist was charged with two felonies following his arrest at the University of Texas at Austin last week, according to a statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety on Wednesday.

University of Texas at Dallas: At least 17 arrests have been made on the campus as of Wednesday afternoon, school officials said.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: The university is investigating “reports of bias involving individuals from outside our campus community,” Chancellor Jennifer L. Mnookin said in a letter to the campus community Wednesday. About 30 protesters were cited and “several more” were arrested on Wednesday.

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