Biden said the US would not send weapons to Israel if it attacked Rafah. This is the latest

Biden said the US would not send weapons to Israel if it attacked Rafah. This is the latest

President Joe Biden said he would halt some US arms shipments to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a massive invasion of the town of Rafah.

“Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a result of those bombs and the other way they’ve gone after population centers,” Biden told CNN’s Erin Burnett in an exclusive interview, referring to the 2,000-pound bomb that Biden stopped shipping last week.

Biden’s comments echoed growing global alarm over Israel’s advance on Rafah, where more than 1 million Palestinians have fled and Hamas is believed to have regrouped after Israel’s destruction of much of the northern part of the strip.

Israeli military operations in Rafah have expanded from airstrikes to ground operations, including bulldozers, new satellite images obtained by CNN from the Planet Labs show show.

Rafah Crossing

Tel Aviv protests: Clashes between Israeli police and family members of hostages held in Gaza erupted Wednesday night in Tel Aviv, causing injuries and at least two arrests.
CIA chief in Cairo: CIA Director Bill Burns met with Netanyahu and Israeli intelligence chiefs Wednesday, sources said, and has since returned to Cairo to help secure a ceasefire and hostage deal between Israel and Hamas.
Mass graves: Palestinian medical teams found a third mass grave inside the Al-Shifa Hospital medical complex, finding an additional 49 bodies, the Gaza Health Ministry said.
50,000 people displaced: “About 50,000 people” have left Rafah in the last 48 hours as a result of Israeli evacuation orders, a senior staff member at the UN agency for Palestinian refugees told CNN.
Attack kills four in Rafah: An Israeli airstrike killed four people and wounded about two dozen others west of Rafah on Wednesday, according to Al-Kuwaiti hospital, which said most of those injured were children.
Hospital moved: The largest hospital east of Rafah, Abu Yousef Al Najjar, has moved to a temporary facility in the central part of the city as the Israeli offensive continues.
Aid delayed: UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said no humanitarian goods entered Gaza through the main crossing on Wednesday, further exacerbating the challenge amid active hostilities.
Kerem Shalom: The Kerem Shalom border crossing between southern Gaza and Israel has been reopened for humanitarian aid, Israeli authorities said on Wednesday. But Gaza crossing authorities said no aid trucks had entered the area.
Trinity College Dublin agrees to divest: The college in Ireland said it would divest from “investments in Israeli companies that have activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and appear on the UN Blacklist,” following demands from students protesting in solidarity with Gazans.

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