A German company launched a candle-powered rocket on a test flight into space

A German company launched a candle-powered rocket on a test flight into space

German company HyImpulse successfully launched on Friday a wax-powered rocket capable of carrying a commercial satellite on a test suborbital flight into space for the first time.

“We mark Germany’s greatness as a spacefaring nation and expand Europe’s access to space,” HyImpulse chief executive Mario Kobald said in a statement.

The 12-meter, 2.5-tonne test rocket dubbed the “SR75” lifted off shortly after 0500 GMT from the launch site in Koonibba, South Australia.

It is capable of carrying small satellites weighing up to 250 kg (551 pounds) to altitudes of up to 250 km (155 miles) while being fueled by paraffin, or wax wax, and liquid oxygen.

Paraffin can be used as a cheaper and safer alternative fuel for rockets, reducing the cost of transporting satellites by 50%, according to HyImpulse.

The company, which has 65 employees and was spun off from Germany’s space agency DLR, said it already had orders for satellite transport worth 100 million euros ($105 million).

his project is mostly privately funded with “some public support”, the startup’s statement said.

Hyimpulse aims to grow as demand for commercial satellites increases, and it aims for annual sales worth 700 million euros by 2032.

By the end of next year, it plans to launch the “SL-1”, a larger multi-stage rocket capable of deploying satellites weighing up to 600 kg into low Earth orbit.

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