Zelensky says Iran’s attack on Israel proves modern air defense systems save lives

Zelensky says Iran’s attack on Israel proves modern air defense systems save lives

Iran’s attack on Israel proves that modern air defense systems save lives, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Sunday following Tehran’s large-scale drone and missile attack on Israel.

According to the Israeli military, the vast majority of more than 300 projectiles — including around 170 drones and 120 ballistic missiles — fired towards Israel by Iran and its proxies were intercepted by aerial defense systems and Israeli allies.

“Modern air defense systems are capable of protecting lives — this was demonstrated in the Middle East when aviation and air defense shot down Iranian missiles and Shahed drones aimed at Israel,” Zelensky said.
Some background: Zelensky said last week that Ukraine “will lose the war” on its soil if the United States Congress does not approve military aid to help it defend Russia’s invasion.

Zelensky’s warning comes as Congress has for months stalled on a package of aid for Ukraine, leaving Kyiv to battle ammunition shortages while Russia pounds Ukrainian cities with missiles.

The US Senate passed a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill with assistance for Ukraine and Israel in February, but House Speaker Mike Johnson has so far refused to hold a vote on passing the package for Ukraine.

The delay in Congress had boosted Russian confidence, Zelensky said Sunday.

“We cannot waste any more time,” he said.

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