Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak hints at retirement plans as he retires, after 40 years

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak hints at retirement plans as he retires, after 40 years

Pat Sajak, the longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune,” recently opened up about his retirement plans and expressed his personal wishes involving his daughter Maggie. In an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Sajak, who announced his departure from the game show last year, revealed that he can’t wait to become a grandfather.

The 77-year-old host has two grown children with his wife, Lesly Brown: son Patrick, 33, and daughter Maggie, 29. Despite their ages, the couple has yet to welcome any grandchildren. “I’m very happy if it just means I get to continue my crossword puzzles and play with the grandkids… hint hint. No pressure,” Sajak said, pointing to his hopes for the future. Maggie, who works as a social correspondent for “Wheel of Fortune,” responded with a laugh and quickly diverted the conversation.

Reflecting on his decision to retire, Sajak said, “I’d rather leave a few years too early, than a few years too late.” He emphasized the importance of not missing out on his television reception and shared his excitement for what was to come. “There are also other things in life that we want to do, and I enjoyed the last year. It’s been a great 40 years,” he added.

During the interview, Maggie held back tears as she expressed her gratitude for her father’s contribution to the show. “That show means the world to us; it’s a gift. And you’ve turned what could have been just a ghost into a cultural phenomenon. So thank you for these 40+ amazing years,” he said. Rhyme responded with, “Thank you, love,” and the two shared a heartfelt hug.

Sajak’s final pre-movie episode will air on Friday, June 7, marking the end of Season 41 with a tribute series titled “Thanks for the Memories.” Ryan Seacrest is set to take over as host of the show starting in Season 42.

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