Walmart is cutting hundreds of corporate jobs, moving most of its remote office staff

Walmart is cutting hundreds of corporate jobs, moving most of its remote office staff

Walmart said Tuesday that it will eliminate several hundred corporate jobs and will move most of its remaining remote office staff to its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters.

Walmart confirmed the move in a memo sent by Donna Morris, its chief operating officer, to employees on Tuesday and obtained by CNN.

Morris, in the memo, said the decision to relocate employees and ask other remote staff to return to the office was made to facilitate better collaboration, innovation “and moving faster.”

“We also believe it helps strengthen our culture and grow and develop our colleagues,” he said in the memo.

The relocation will affect the majority of employees at Walmart offices in Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto. While most of the transfers are to the Bentonville headquarters, some employees will be transferred to Walmart offices in the San Francisco Bay Area or to Hoboken, New Jersey and the New York area.

“Additionally, several parts of our business have made changes that will result in the reduction of several hundred campus roles,” Morris said in the memo. “While the overall amount is small in percentage terms, we are focused on supporting each of our associates affected by these changes.”

Walmart is expected to report its latest quarterly earnings on Thursday. The latest round of layoffs at the world’s largest retailer comes on the heels of Walmart’s announcement last month that it would exit virtual health care services and close all 51 of its health care centers in six states.

Also last month, shoppers at the discount giant learned they could be entitled to as much as $500 as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement by the retailer over allegations it overcharged customers for certain products.

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