Trump’s confidence did little to shift some of the 2024 voters’ choices

Trump’s confidence did little to shift some of the 2024 voters’ choices

Some things take time to sink in. But don’t expect committed Donald Trump voters to suddenly waver because their candidate is now a convicted felon.

“Just an abuse of the justice system,” said Billy Pierce, a semi-retired consultant and Trump supporter in Hartsville, South Carolina, shortly after the former president was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his Manhattan hush money trial. .

Andrew Konchek, a commercial fisherman and Trump supporter in New Hampshire, responded to the decision by referring to the personal scandals of former President Bill Clinton. “No direct evidence and from whom, Cohen? Who is a habitual liar and has been fired? I smelled some bullshit,” he added, referring to the prosecution’s star witness, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen.

Another Trump supporter in New Hampshire, Debbie Katsanos, sent a text during jury deliberations. “I don’t see a crime,” he said. “Certainly on a criminal level. I am sorry to say I cannot trust the justice system when it is used in a political way. … Yes, no one is above the law, when the law is broken they should be held accountable. I just don’t see it in this case.”

Betsy Sarcone was a Nikki Haley voter in the Iowa caucuses and late last year said she would vote for Biden if it ended in a Biden-Trump rematch. But he has changed dramatically since the caucus.

“This does not affect my plans to vote Republican. I don’t like Donald Trump and this is a witch hunt, fabricating crimes on the part of judges and DAs. It will never be an appeal. … I actually don’t think it’s going to hurt him. People are so sick of sideshows to distract/avoid/keep people away from the real problems in this country.”

Pierce, Konchek, Sarcone and Katsanos all participated in CNN’s project to follow the 2024 election through the eyes and experiences of voters who live in key battlegrounds or are part of key voting blocs. We’ll check back as news of his historic 34-count conviction spreads, and as the former president prepares to be sentenced in July — days before he’s formally nominated for president at the Republican National Convention.

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