Tesla slashed the price of its Full Self-Driving software by a third to $8,000

Tesla slashed the price of its Full Self-Driving software by a third to $8,000

Tesla ( TSLA.O ) cut the price of its full Self-Driving (FSD) driver assistant software to $8,000 from $12,000 in the United States, as Chief Executive Elon Musk doubles down on the use of self-driving technology.

Musk is betting on technology to become a cash cow for the world’s most valuable automaker. But he has for years fallen short of the goal of self-driving capability, with the technology under increasing regulatory and legal scrutiny.

Musk earlier this month said Tesla would unveil its robotaxis on August 8, after Reuters reported Tesla had scrapped cheap mass-market cars in favor of robotaxis.

According to Tesla’s website, customers can now pay $8,000 for the FSD feature, or subscribe to use it for $99 a month.

Tesla recently reduced the US monthly subscription price for the feature from $199, while giving every Tesla customer a free one-month subscription to the software.

Tesla has also cut prices on its car lineup in major markets. Struggling with falling sales and an intensifying price war for electric vehicles, Tesla cut prices by nearly $2,000 across its lineup in China, in line with its price cuts in the United States.

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