Students in Paris rally for Palestinians in Gaza

Students in Paris rally for Palestinians in Gaza

Students from universities across Paris are expected to rally on Friday evening in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

The protest was scheduled to take place outside the Pantheon, France’s national monument in the district that is home to some of Paris’ most prestigious universities, including the Sorbonne.

Dozens of students began a sit-in at Paris’ Sciences Po late Thursday, prompting the university to close its Paris campus on Friday, according to a school spokesman.

Paris riot police are expected to evacuate the university in the next few hours.

The main demand of some of the protesters is to sever ties with universities in Israel, which the university authorities have so far resisted. Students also demanded French universities condemn Israel.

The protests did not become a broader national movement, but pockets of protest were seen on campuses across the country.

An attempted occupation at Sorbonne University was ended by police this week.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal last Saturday described the occupation at Sciences Po as “a sad and shocking spectacle.”

This is where other campus protests happen around the world.

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