Shakira’s second tax fraud case dismissed by Spanish court

Shakira’s second tax fraud case dismissed by Spanish court

Shakira can breathe a sigh of relief as Spanish authorities officially dismiss a second tax fraud case against the Colombian singer. Prosecutors cited “lack of evidence” when asking the court to drop the case, which the court agreed to on Thursday.

The latest case stems from allegations that Shakira used an offshore company to avoid paying taxes in 2018. Although she settled the debt, Spanish authorities are continuing to pursue criminal charges.

This decision comes after Shakira reached a settlement in November 2022 for a larger, separate tax fraud case. In that case, he paid a large fine while maintaining his innocence. Spanish prosecutors have accused Shakira of failing to pay millions in taxes between 2012 and 2014, claiming she mostly lived in Spain during that time.

Shakira’s representatives have consistently maintained that she fulfills all tax obligations and her official residence is in the Bahamas. The singer initially rejected a settlement offer in July 2022, expressing his belief that he was innocent.

After settling the first case, Shakira released a statement emphasizing her priority to protect her children and focus on her career, including her music and upcoming world tour.

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