Scientists are actively trying to build conscious robots

Scientists are actively trying to build conscious robots

Hod Lipson, the mechanical engineer in charge of the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University in New York, is creating machines that will have “consciousness comparable to humans”, surpassing “everything else we’ve done”.

Lipson believes that a conscious robot may be able to cure cancer.

Consciousness is one of the most divisive questions in artificial intelligence, but apart from the technological challenges faced to achieve this goal, the word itself is philosophically vaguely defined and subjective.

According to The New York Times, scientists are trying to pin consciousness down to specific brain functions but are always facing inconclusive ends.

Lipson describes consciousness in his own words as the ability to “imagine yourself in the future”.

He has sought to build adaptable machines as general intelligence that can learn to evolve through machine-learned natural selection and respond to environmental changes and errors or injuries in mechanical bodies.

Machines will not only learn and correct themselves but will be able to imagine how they can improve.

Even as humans change human traits into non-humans, especially machines, researchers hope that robots will be able to adopt human traits and qualities, in a way that highlights humans to conscious machines.

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