Putin received a red carpet welcome to Beijing when he met China’s Xi

Putin received a red carpet welcome to Beijing when he met China’s Xi

Chinese leader Xi Jinping rolled out the red carpet for Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two leaders met in Beijing on Thursday, marking the start of a two-day state visit.

Putin was welcomed to the Chinese capital with a military band serenade and a multi-gun salute outside the Great Hall of the People.

The meeting in Beijing – the fourth time Putin and Xi have spoken face-to-face since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 – comes as international concern over the direction of the war is escalating.

Xi welcomed Putin under pressure from both the US and Europe to ensure increased exports from China to Russia for not supporting the Kremlin’s war effort.

White House officials in recent weeks have clashed with Beijing over what they believe is massive support — in the form of items such as machine tools, drone and turbojet engines, and microelectronics — from China for Russia’s defense industrial base.

Beijing has slammed the US for making “baseless accusations” on “normal trade and economic exchanges” between China and Russia.

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