Putin praised relations with China ahead of a visit to Beijing

Putin praised relations with China ahead of a visit to Beijing

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the “unprecedented level of strategic partnership” between Moscow and Beijing informed his decision to choose China for his first visit since entering a new term in office more than a week ago.

“Today, Russia-China relations have reached an all-time high, and despite the difficult global situation they continue to grow stronger,” Putin said in an interview with China’s state news agency Xinhua on Wednesday, ahead of his arrival in Beijing on Thursday.
During his visit, Putin is expected to discuss the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, according to Putin’s assistant for foreign affairs, Yuri Ushakov, state media RIA Novosti reported.

Speaking to Xinhua, Putin praised China for its 12-point plan calling for an end to hostilities in Ukraine and criticized Ukraine’s “Western patrons” for “trying hard to ‘punish’ Russia, isolate and weaken it.”

More context: Putin’s visit mirrors Xi’s own state visit to Moscow more than a year ago, where he marked the start of a new term that shattered norms — like Putin, after rewriting the rules on how long leaders can serve.

It also comes as Russia claims to have captured more villages in Ukraine’s northern Kharkiv region as it widens its surprise offensive across the border.

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